The most efficient blackjack card counting method

Card counting in blackjack is an overly exaggerated concept which like all such phenomenon has lot of myths surrounding it. The amount of tough effort and work used learning this method can by no means be measured by a normal blackjack player who has never tried his hand on card counting in real casino environment. In this write-up we will discuss about the various parameters that a blackjack player must weigh to have a reasonable chance of winning.

Card counting strategies range from fairly simple to absurdly complex. This write-up offers instructions on having a card counting technique and in doing so describes the various characteristics of counting systems. It might be of interest even if you do not wish to create a strategy but wish to learn about the make-up of these systems.

The initial and the most typical parameter that each and every blackjack card counter should think about is the ‘running count’. By using running count method, player can easily identify how numerous high value cards are remaining in the shoe as compared to the low value cards.

And when we’re discussing card counting in this write-up, I wish to stress that we’re focusing on the legal means of performing this, meaning no electronic aids or other instruments are utilized in the process. If you are wanting to discover card counting utilizing an electronic aid or other computerised device, please keep in mind that in performing so you are actually breaking the law and could be sent to prison for fairly some time for performing so — not something I can say I might suggest.

Anyway, back to really learning to count cards, probably the most efficient methods of learning this skill are techniques which only need you to keep in mind particular cards, that are generally high-value cards like the deck’s picture cards and Ten cards. While I know a guy who has mastered the ability to remember each and every single card in a deck (also meaning he is banned from just about every casino in America), it’s not some thing I suggest you attempt to discover as it takes literally many years of practice, or demands you to have a memory like a modern pc.

Nevertheless, this is only half the battle. Once the final count is carried out, the next challenge is to decide the next move although placing the wager.